Sun World Ha Long Complex is Vietnam’s leading entertainment complex with a total area of ​​up to 214ha. The complex is designed to include 03 main subdivisions: the coastal entertainment zone and the Ba Deo entertainment zone connected by a unique Queen cable system. The modern and classy games  system and the magnificent space of Ha Long Bay will surely bring visitors unforgettable experiences.


With a total area of ​​up to 214ha, Sun World Ha Long Complex entertainment includes 03 entertainment zones: Queen’s Cable Car & Mysterious Hill, Dragon Park, Typhoon Water Park where visitors can comfortably explore hundreds of good recreational activities

Queen’s Cable Car & Mysterious Hill

From the large cabin with a capacity of up to 230 people and from a 188.8m height visitors will have unprecedented experience of the natural wonders of the World – Ha Long Bay.

Fun activities at the mysterious hill

• Sun Wheel

• Beyond Zen Garden

• Kidoland children’s playing area

• Wax showroom

• Video Game Arcade Zone

• Samurai slider

• Koi fish aquarium

Dragon Park

Besides the magnificent works on the top of Ba Deo Mountain, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of modern and extremely attractive games when coming to Sun Word Ha Long Park.

Fun activities at Dragon Park

• Super speed Dragon

• The Miracle Umbrella

• The Magic Cup

• Childhood Trip

• Following the Dragon Footprint

• Magic Ferris Wheel

• Rhino Rage

• The Pirate Ship

Typhoon Water Park

What could be better than being able to immerse yourself in the cool blue water at the wave pool on hot summer days or challenge your courage with the water slides.

Fun activities at Typhoon Water Park

• Snake challenge

• ​​Tsunami of the sea

• National Magic Island

• The Lazy River

• Tropical storm

• Giant Lightning

Detail of fares entertainment services and open time in Sun World Ha Long Park

Cable car ticket price Queen

Adults VND 350,000 | Children (1m – 1m4) VND 250,000 | Children (under 1m) are free. Especially when you buy the Queen’s cable car ticket, you will be completely free of charge for the amusement park tickets: Sun Wheel, Samurai Trail, Kidoland Children’s Playground and Japanese Garden.

Dragon Park ticket price

Adults VND 350,000 | Children (1m – 1m4) VND 250,000 | Children (under 1m) are free. Especially just buying a ticket, you are free to explore the games in the park and unlimited number of times to play. The park has 31 games in total, but currently only 16 have been put into operation.

Typhoon Water Park ticket price

Adult VND 350,000 | Children (1m – 1m4) VND 250,000 | Children (under 1m) are free.

Open time

Sun World Park Complex is open from 14h to 19h at the dragon park and water park complex on weekdays. On the other hand, Sun World will be open earlier from 9am at the weekend.

Playing handbook at Sun World Ha Long Park

The ideal time to travel to Sun World Ha Long Park

Ha Long Bay in general and Sun World Park in particular belong to the North of Vietnam so the weather here is divided into 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Winter in the North is usually quite cold, so it is not really suitable for outdoor recreation activities so time from March to November is the most suitable time for visitors to enjoy the whole holiday of yourself at Sun World Ha Long Park.

Accommodation near Sun World Halong Park

Sun World Ha Long Park is located in Bai Chay tourist area, surrounded by a series of hotels and motels. Luxury hotels have enough from 3 to 5 stars such as Wyndham, Muong Thanh, Novotel …

For the budget motels you can refer to the information on the hotel booking website.

Note: You should choose hotels that are recognized by TripAdvisor to avoid being “screamed”.

Places to eat and drink at Sun Word Ha Long Park

There are many Fastfood – Refreshment counters in the park. If you want to have lunch or dinner, you can refer to:

The Queen’s Cable Car Park and the Mystic Hill:

+ Taiyo Restaurant – serving set menu or à la carte menu items.

+ Sushi Bar: Opening soon

Dragon Park:

+ Dragon’s Food Temple specializes in serving buffet.

+ Pizza Temple with many combo pizza and fast food.

Some notes for visitor when coming Sun World Ha Long Park

• The food and water here is plentiful, affordable. You limit to bring food and drinks.

• The park is quite large so you should wear comfortable shoes with soft soles or sports shoes to make your outing be the most comfortable.

• The park has a very spacious parking lot. If you are traveling by motorbike, please drop off and pick up your motorbike at the parking lot near the Queen’s cable car pillar, opposite Hong Hanh 3 restaurant.  You can use the tram service to take you to the park gate with the price of VND 5,000 / time.

• Buying souvenirs: Da Cham and Nhat Anh souvenir shop system has hundreds of diversified and models goods. Here you can shop for unique and interesting gifts for your loved ones.

Update immediately the list of 12 amusement parks in Halong below to schedule for the upcoming Halong tour. In this article, Golden Star Cruise updated ticket prices, opening hours of 2020 for highlights and detailed reviews. This will definitely be the indispensable travel experience for you in Halong!

List of 10+ “newest” Halong amusement parks 2020

What should we do in Halong? The following 12 places are synthesized and divided into 4 areas corresponding to 4 main tourist areas of Halong:

A. Bai Chay Tourist Area
Sun World Halong Park200.000vnd – 750.000vnd/adult
100.000vnd – 550.000vnd/child
The largest entertainment complex in Vietnam, with a variety of game types
Bai Chay BeachFree Artificial beach with extremely wide white sand, suitable for team building activities
Bai Chay Old QuarterFree Hoi An and the old town of Hanoi, this is the favorite check-in point for young people
Museum of 3D Paintings Funny Art Halong80.000vnd/person Take unique and strange photos with 3D paintings
Halong Night MarkerFreeActivities of shopping and sightseeing are very busy at night
B. Halong Bay
Halong BayFrom 290.000 vnd/person/route Sightseeing, visiting caves, islands, fishing villages with 4 different forms of tourism
C. Hon Gai Area
Sun Wheel Entertainment Area350.000 vnd/adult
250.000 vnd/child
Enjoy the night view of the bay on Sun Wheel, explore Ba Deo amusement park
Quang Ninh Museum30.000vnd/adult
The unique design makes this place become a popular check-in point for young people
Halong Flower ParkFreeBeautiful flower exhibition area with sea views
Halong Vincom PlazaFree Large mall with diverse goods and prices, combining many entertainment services
D. Tuan Chau Tourist Area
Tuan Chau BeachFree Modern and comfortable with automatic shower system
Tuan Chau International Entertainment Area250.000 vnd/person Especially with dolphins, sea lions, seals, magic tricks and circus performances, suitable for families with young children

If your trip is short and there is not enough time to go to all the entertainment spots in Halong, please refer to the detailed review below to select the places that suit your interests and budget.

Detailed review of Halong entertainment venues

In addition to the reviews, Golden Star Cruise also updates the basic information about Halong amusement parks such as address, ticket price, opening hours 2020.

A. Entertainment areas in Bai Chay

As a central tourist area of ​​Halong, Bai Chay is the largest concentration of amusement parks in both size and attractiveness. You should not miss the following 5 attractive amusement parks:

1. Halong Park (Sun World) – the largest amusement park in Vietnam

Address: Halong, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Ticket price: 200,000 VND – 750,000 VND / adultt, 100,000 VND – 550,000 VND / child

Halong Park is a new amusement park built in 2016 at Bai Chay tourist area. Tourists coming here will be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the largest entertainment complex in the North side of Vietnam. They are not inferior to other international amusement parks.

Coming here, you can discover 2 biggest game parks in Southeast Asia:

Dragon Park: adventure-themed park.

Water Park – Typhoon Water Park.

After being able to mobilize at two game parks, visitors will join the Queen’s cable car route with 2 World Guinness records – the highest cable car and the largest capacity cabin. Guests will admire the panoramic view of majestic Halong Bay from above and then explore the Sun Wheel amusement park on Ba Deo hill.

Activities: Have fun at the parks, watch 14D movies, admire the view on the lighthouse

Note: Because Sun World is a very large entertainment site in Halong, so if you decide to come here, you should spend a whole day. If only half a day, you should buy tickets to 1 area.

2. Bai Chay Beach – a beautiful artificial beach

Address: Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 24 / 24h

Ticket price: Admission is free

Bai Chay Beach is an artificial beach with extremely wide white sand with a length of up to 900m. This is a Quang Ninh play venue that is very suitable for team building games. The beach is close to the Sun World Quang Ninh amusement park complex so you can completely combine the two recreational activities together conveniently. You can refer to Bai Chay tourist experience here

Activities to do: Swim in the sea, organize team building, eat on the beach

3. Halong Old Quarter – check in point for young people

Address: Halong, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 24 / 24h

Ticket price: Admission is free

Coming to Halong ancient town, also known as Little Vietnam, visitors see an image that recreates the lines of the ancient Hoi An and Hanoi ancient streets in a very subtle way. The unique architecture here forms a small walking path with ancient beauty, lying in contrast with the modern neighborhood outside.

Halong Old Town is not only a fun place for Halong, it also offers a quiet space in the middle of the noisy urban area, bringing very romantic inspirations for visitors to visit. Especially, every street corner is meticulously designed, so every corner is an ideal place for young people to “live virtual”.

Activities: Visiting, checking photos in the old town, eating, shopping.

Note: Halong Old Quarter is located in a slightly hidden corner on Halong Street, right next to SunWorld Park, near the tea shop of HeyTea and Cong Coffee.

4. What to play at Bai Chay? Go to 3D Funny Art Halong painting museum

Address: Marine Plaza, Hung Thang urban area, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 9am – 10pm

Ticket price: 80,000 VND / person

A special feature of this amusement park is more than 40 3D paintings using multi-dimensional effects and optical illusions on topics: Parody, Aquarium, adventure, animals, … Visitors come to Funny Art Museum will have the epic photos.

Tha hồ lưu lại những bức ảnh "độc" tại Bảo tàng tranh 3D Funny Art Hạ Long

This is one of the fun spots in Halong and It is quite new so not many people know. Besides saving the unique photos, visitors can also conveniently visit shopping at Marine Plaza – the most modern commercial and entertainment center in Quang Ninh province. There are hundreds of stalls, restaurant chains located along the bay, indoor play areas, movie theaters, giant ferris wheel, …

Activities: Taking pictures of “poison” at the 3D painting museum; Sightseeing, shopping, dining, watching movies or playing giant ferris wheel at Marina Plaza.

5. Halong night market

Address: Halong Marine Boulevard, Bai Chay, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 18h – 24h

Ticket price: Admission is free

If you are still wondering what to eat and play in Halong? then come to Halong night market. This is one of the most exciting places to hang out in Halong at night with more than 100 large and small stalls divided into 2 floors.

The first floor mainly displays stalls on sandals, bags, souvenirs, while on the second floor visitors can buy Halong specialties such as dried seafood, confectionery, …

Activities: Experience the bustling atmosphere at night, eat specialties / snacks, buy gifts or souvenirs.

Note: this place caters for many foreign tourists so the price will be more expensive than usual.

B. Visit Halong Bay

Reference fare: From 290,000 VND / person / route

Opening hours: 7:30 – 16:30

The first entertainment place that every tourist thinks of is Halong Bay – the top destination in the ranking of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam 2020 voted by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Here are some destinations and highlights in the bay.

Destination: Caves such as Thien Cung cave, Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Luon cave and Trinh Nu cave; Ti Top Island; villages such as Cua Van, Ba Hang and Ngoc Trai fishing villages; Bai Tho mountain

Activities: Besides visiting the bay, visitors can also participate in kayaking, swimming, trekking, climbing.

There are 4 forms of visiting Halong Bay: sightseeing by tourist boat, boat tour, seaplane or cable car to enjoy the view from above. Traveling on Halong cruise ship to visit the bay is a form of choice for many visitors, you can refer to the article below when chartering a boat!

C. What should we play in Hon Gai area?

Compared to Bai Chay, Hon Gai area has less entertainment areas, but in return, this place has some worth visiting places such as Quang Ninh Museum, Halong Flower Park.

7. Sun Wheel Quang Ninh amusement park

Address: Yet Kieu, Hong Gai, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 14h – 22h / from Monday to Friday, 9h – 22h / Saturday and Sunday

Ticket price: VND 350,000 / adult, VND 250,000 / child

Sun Wheel, also known as Quang Ninh Sun Wheel, is also part of the Sun World population mentioned above, but is isolated on Ba Deo hill (Hon Gai) and connected by the Queen’s cable car. Sun Wheel is located at an altitude of 215m above sea level, when sitting at the highest point of the rotation, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Halong Bay.

The advice for you is to experience the Sun Wheel at night. By this time, the circle of the sun with thousands of led lights shimmering in the middle of the night, in the distance there is the light of the city and the small spots of boats in the bay, creating the best scenery, magnificent and dreaming.

Activities: Take the Queen’s Cable Car and sit on Sun Wheel to admire Halong Bay from above, discover the Sun Wheel Quang Ninh amusement park, including wax showroom area, World Games, Kindoland children’s play area, Japanese garden Copy.

Please note, this amusement park ticket is included in the cable car combo ticket

8. Quang Ninh Museum – a cultural destination combining “virtual living” for young people

Address: Tran Quoc Nghien, Tuan Chau, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 8am – 11h30, 13h30 – 17h00, open all days of the week except Monday

Ticket price: 30,000 VND / adult, 15,000 VND / student, student, 10,000 VND / child

Go to Quang Ninh Museum, the young people will have to “hold up the camera” at first sight because of its unique architecture – the high staircase to the black glass cover of the block looks like a plate. mysterious giant mirror, plus a font written in the name of the impressive Museum.

Not only attracted by the outside architecture, this Halong entertainment place also helps you explore Quang Ninh with 3 large floors of archaeological exhibits, marine ecosystems, simulation calendar the province through historical periods, coal mining pit simulations, …

Activities: Check in photos outside the museum, visit the 3 floors of the museum, visit the Quang Ninh Library area – the adjacent building, visit and walk in October 30 Square (about 3 minutes away walk).

9. Halong Flower Park

Address: Le Thanh Tong, Bach Dang, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 24 / 24h

Ticket price: Admission is free

For tourists choosing to stay in hotels in Hon Gai area, Halong Flower Park is the destination, that we should not miss. You can wake up early in the morning, walk on the park located by the bay, just sightseeing has just visited the landscape exhibitors, flower exhibitions, exercise in the sports and outdoor recreation area, …

Activities: Strolling and visiting exhibition areas at the park. Halong Flower Park is also a fun place to play in Halong. In the weekend night, there is a street music show with the participation of bands and many young music lovers in the city.

10. Halong  Vincom Plaza Shopping Center

Address: Dong Ho Street Area, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 9:30 – 22:00

Ticket price: Admission is free

Vincom Plaza Halong is very popular with visitors in Halong due to the variety of goods and products. This shopping center attracts more visitors than Marine Plaza because in addition to high-class stores, it also has a supermarket and food court with reasonable and affordable prices.

In addition, this place is also highlighted by unique events such as overnight shopping festival, Vincom “night market”, Golden Day discount, lucky draw programs …

Activities: Shopping branded goods, shopping in supermarkets, eating, watching movies, playing games.

D. What to play in Tuan Chau?

Tuan Chau tourist area is famous as a high-class resort in Halong with 2 prominent places of play: Tuan Chau beach and Tuan Chau entertainment area.

11. Tuan Chau beach

Address: Ngoc Chau, Tuan Chau, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 24 / 24h

Ticket price: Admission is free

Located in Tuan Chau tourist area, Tuan Chau beach stands out in comfort and modernity. Besides fresh water bathing services, tents and rescue workers, this is the only beach in Halong with automatic coating system.

The beach here has fine white sand, very gentle sea waves, so it is safe for both adults and children. Besides Bai Chay beach, this place is also a Halong entertainment place specializing in organizing team building activities, sports activities and entertainment on the beach such as windsurfing, canoe, beach volleyball …

Activities: Bathing combined with resort tourism at the villas / resorts on Tuan Chau Island, organizing team building, playing sports games on the sand or in the water, eating at restaurants / bars / bars cafe.

12. Tuan Chau International entertainment and recreation area

Address: Ngoc Chau, Tuan Chau, Halong, Quang Ninh

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm

Ticket price: 250,000 VND / person

Tuan Chau Quang Ninh amusement park is the second large entertainment site in Halong (after Sun World Park). Besides the thrilling outdoor game area, there is also a Club for dolphins, seals, sea lions; areas specializing in performing water music, water puppetry, magic, circus, music and dance performances, …

Tickets to Tuan Chau amusement park are not too expensive, families with young children should consider coming here when traveling to Halong.

Activities: Daytime playing adventure in the outdoor play area, in the evening watching magic show, water puppet show, dolphin circus, …

Above is a list of the latest 12 Halong amusement parks. The latest fare and address information for 2020 will gives you the most accurate and appropriate option. Share with Golden Star Cruise if you have had real experience in the above locations by commenting below.

The cruise condition still acceptable and the food is not bad. Take note all drinks are not included and any drinks brought up to cruise will be charged!! So better don’t bring any.
Itinerary says there is tai chi class but they cancelled it. So I’m not sure how the system works… overall it’s still acceptable.